Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Asshole 1

Today's asshole is a really good one. She looks innocent enough and as if she were working real hard on something. Maybe she was.

However, I was at the same table as her in a common, public area. We were both at a table large enough for several people to sit at with a lot of room. She managed to spread her things out over so much of the table I was limited to a very small area. When I asked her to move some of her stuff she told me I had plenty of room, despite the fact that she was occupying the space of more then 8 people.

But that alone is not enough to make someone an asshole. Rude, yes - but not an asshole. She had a collection of about 30 highlighters in all colors and kept changing colors. Each time she put the cap on one she slammed it into the table to close it, causing both a very loud noise and the whole table to shake. She kept throwing each book on the floor when she would finish with it. She talked on her cell phone for much of the time she was there. She ate food that was smelly and made a loud crunch while she chewed. She drank sodas and even spilled one on the table we shared. She was an obnoxious source of noise for the entire time. Whenever anyone in the room asked her is she could keep it down a little, she just ignored them. But, when someone in the room sneezed she actually said something to them about being too loud (I am not kidding!).

Now had all this happened in a park or another area where it was ok to be obnoxious and noisy, fine. But this was in a place specifically designated as a "Quiet Area" complete with a sign outlining the rules (no noise, no cell phones, no eating, no drinking,. etc.) This area was supposed ot be quiet like a library setting to allow people to work. She obviously felt these rules did not apply to her.

So to this person I say - YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE and deserve to be put on display for all the world to see!!!!